Step 1
Click Here to start installing the BGroom software.
Download Now

Step 2
The File Download window appears. Click “Run” (or “Open“).
Click on “Run” (or “Open“) again. In some versions of Windows this window will not appear.
 download screenshot

Step 3
The Language window appears. Select your preferred language for installation.choose language

Step 4
The BGroom Installation window will appear. Please allow a few moments for the download and installation process to be complete.BGroom Installation

Step 5
Once the download and installation has been completed, the License Agreement window appears. Please read through the Terms and Conditions. To proceed with this installation, click Accept.License Agreement

Step 6
Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, the Choose Game Mode window appears. Please select which mode you prefer to begin playing.choose game mode

Step 7
Once you have chosen which mode to begin playing, the Registration window appears.

  • Please complete all the fields in English.
  • Ensure all fields are entered correctly and with accurate information.
  • Ensure the email address you provide is active, and entered correctly.

Click Register Now when you are finished.

registration window

Step 8
If you choose to begin playing in Real money mode, you will need to open a Real Money account, and you will also be entitled to a FREE $5 Bonus!!If you choose to begin playing in Practice mode you will need to register your Practice account and validate your email.

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